Is IV Hydration Safe?
Yes, it’s definitely safe. Our formulas are administered by registered nurses who have the appropriate training and proven experience in IV therapy. Vitamin-powered IV therapy has been practiced safely for decades, although the service is pretty trendy at the moment. Furthermore, our RNs can answer any specific questions you have about the service before or during your treatment.

What are your locations?
Besides being fully mobilized to come and visit you, we are based in Grapevine & Flower Mound

Do you take insurance?
We do not accept any private insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid. However, our treatments are generally far less expensive than most co-pays of an urgent care facility or an emergency room visit. There are many health plans and health savings accounts that might reimburse for services on request, and we are willing to provide you a form to submit to your health plan if you wish.

How often can I get an IV treatment?
The answer to this question is that IV therapy is a customized process and it completely depends on what your long and short term goals are. Some clients who are either frequent flyers with jet lag or people with constant migraines for example may need more frequent IV drips for their treatments. The frequency will also depend on your lifestyle and individual needs.

What are the benefits beyond hydration?
◦ Improves the appearance of your hair, skin, and nails

◦ Flushes and detoxes your system

◦ Protects your kidneys

◦ Helps with metabolism and maximizing bodily functions

◦ Increases circulatory volume,

◦ Increases energy

◦ Overall improves wellness and feeling of well being.

Are there any side effects during IV process?
No major side effects are usually seen after an IV treatment. A small bruise may occur after treatment. It is normal to experience a cooling sensation during the treatment.

Why does IV Hydration cost as much as it does?
We promise extremely competent and professional medical staff and vouch for our equipment and ingredients which are high-quality and medical grade.It is a small price to pay for our service and our quality which promise to ensure your health and well-being.